Yosemite and water seem to be besties, especially in the spring.

The waterfalls are gushing, the frazil ice (when waterfall mist freezes and floats down a creek slushy-style) is fraziling, and all activity in the valley seems to be centered around something to do with water. The entire valley was formed by an ancient glacier, so in that respect, all activity during any point of the year is centered around (old) water.

Our six days in Yoemite included a lot of interaction with water:

  • Hiking to Lower Yosemite Fall, Upper Yosemite Fall, Vernal Fall, Nevada Fall, and Bridalveil Fall
  • Attending a free photography walk, which included learning about and photographing frazil ice
  • Hiking to Mirror Lake, which is actually just a very slowly-flowing creek
  • Spending a backpacking night in Hetch Hetchy Valley, surrounding the controversial reservoir that was one of John Muir’s greatest conservation struggles
  • Kayaking Merced River through the valley (well, Cole did. I took my second free shower of the trip. A record, and another use of water!)
  • Showshoeing in the higher-up Badger Pass area of the park.
  • Braving the weather (rain and snow) unlike other (whiny) tourists.

You can see these things (except the shower) below in our Yosemite video below. Hope you all can experience the wonder of Yosemite in your lives!




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Written by Elizabeth

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