Let’s be honest. Zion National Park is popular for a reason.

Although we shared the park with hundreds of tourists, we also were able to step out of the crowds and into the parts of Zion that are a little more wild.

In doing so, we experienced four busy days of:

  • Observation Point Trail – highest hikeable spot
  • The Subway – competitive permit game ending in success
  • The Narrows – classic Zion
  • Angel’s Landing – much more extreme classic Zion

…as well as a couple Ranger programs, some shorter hikes, and three nights at the park campground.

Here are a few things that we saw:

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Zion 2-1


Written by Elizabeth

  • dee

    Sure brought back memories!!

  • Angie Schuttenberg

    Kids loved seeing Zion. Angels landing….yikes.

    Be safe,

    • Thanks! So glad they enjoyed it. Definitely a lesson on safety in there somewhere 🙂

  • We pray for your safety after hearing of the flooding there, Zion is truly breathtaking but looks extremely dangerous.

    • Thanks, Aunt Janelle! It is scary stuff, and we were reminded this week of how careful we need to be! Thanks for the prayers, and know that we are taking this stuff seriously!