Well, we officially made it to ONE of 59 National Parks. Six days of traveling to and exploring Great Sand Dunes. 37 miles walked. 1100 miles driven. Zero showers.

Until now! Right now, we are cozy and clean in a hotel right outside of Mesa Verde, the next park on our list. Rejuvenation is on the menu. As well as using lots of outlets and free wifi.

We’re going to try and keep up with blogging as best we can, so we’re sticking to a schedule. For each park we visit this year, we’re going to try and get out three blog posts: one recap/guide post, one post that’s actually just a video, and one “bonus” post with material that will change from park to park.

This one is the video post.

We tried to capture The Great Sand Dunes as we saw it. Up close and personal. We aren’t always the most steady with the camera, we aren’t always the most photogenic (did I say ZERO showers in six days?), but our video will hopefully depict what we saw and did throughout all parts of the park.

And now, without further ado…

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Also, remember the postcard contest we ran through Facebook and Twitter? Well, drumroll please…..

Our winners are Henry, Anita, and @Wandering_Rust! Thanks for all the support and shares. We can’t get our message out without all of you guys! We’ve messaged you three and soon you will be receiving this beautiful print from Purple Moose Basics, one of our amazing sponsors.

If you are interested in purchasing Purple Moose Basics prints or postcards for yourself, use our coupon code SWITCHBACKKIDS for 10% off!

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Peace and happy adventuring!

Elizabeth & Cole

Written by Elizabeth

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James Bordonaro

Way to go guys! I was surprised at how quite the Sand Dune park was as it seemed you were the only ones there.

A. Janelle

Beautiful, guys! It’s cool to see it through your eyes. Something I will probably never do. God Speed.


This is Ryan, the guy from Kansas City you met at the top of High Dune. I’m insanely jealous of your trip and will be following along. Good luck and have fun!

Clarence Tong

Thk u for the wonderful video !!!