Of the three National Parks we have visited thus far on our year-long trip to see all 59, Petrified Forest initially had the most prominent feeling of a “drive-by” attraction. However, after scratching quite a bit beneath the surface, it is clear that Petrified Forest is a park for all visitors — regardless of length of visit.

We saw people literally drive straight through the 26-mile park road, but we also spoke to an artist who was spending two weeks within park boundaries as part of the In-Residence program through the NPS. Everyone will get something out of this park.

Petrified Forest Guide

Cole and I were lucky enough to spend two full days and one half day in the park. We, like with Great Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde, dove deep into the history, culture, and unique geology of Petrified Forest National Park.

We hiked all seven established trails, practiced our route-finding skills at five “Off the Beaten Path” trails, got acquainted at the Visitor Center and Rainbow Forest Museum, stopped at all overlooks along the road, toured the Painted Desert Inn National Landmark with a ranger, and spent one night in the Painted Desert wilderness area.

We definitely have our favorite activities, which will be outlined in our next blog post.

But for now, enjoy this short video detailing the gorgeous Petrified Forest sights, from our eyes.

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Peace & Happy Adventuring!

Elizabeth & Cole

Written by Elizabeth

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