Coming off more than a week of visiting and meeting up with family and friends throughout the eastern side of the country is tough. We already miss the familiarity of traveling with people we know. We also already miss the indoor sleeping, often on amazing beds 🙂

After we visited Acadia National Park in Maine, we took a few detours through Boston, Providence, New York City, Elizabethtown PA, and Washington D.C. (We also stopped with a friend in Portland ME on the way up!) Shout out to our amazing friends and family who put us up for those nights. You guys are the best! One of the things we love about this year is the opportunity to see people we love all over the country.

Four days and three big cities later, we ended up in Shenandoah National Park, where we met up with Cole’s parents and sister for an extended weekend stay at the park.

Donelson Family

As always, traveling with a group requires more flexibility, coordination, and cooperation. Thankfully, Cole was handed down those skills from his family. The weekend went off with but a few hitches (a bit of sickness and a lot of rain) and we fully immersed ourselves into the waterfalls, vistas, and uninterrupted peace that is Shenandoah National Park.

Watch us in action through our video below.

See you on Friday for more Shenandoah details!

Written by Elizabeth

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Tammy Donelson

So cool to see this video of our shared experiences! Thanks for capturing. T-mama

Marty Underwood

We have been doing same trips you are. Visited 51 of 59 parks over the
Past 10 years. In Smokies now at Cades Cove. Would love to correspond with you.


/Beautiful waterfalls & vistas–how cool to get to see lots of fam. & friends. I LOVED the take 2 ‘Joint Jump!’ Thanks fir sgarubg!


Ooooops–that’s “Thanks for Sharing!”

U Tim

Good to see everyone together! I have to comment on the vast difference in the western parks and eastern parks. All beautiful in very distinct ways. The photography really captures the harsh beauty of the western parks. That strikes a real chord with me.


Thanks Tim! It was really an abrupt transition moving from one park to the next 1500 miles away. Very fun to change it up, but I also agree the West is just so beautiful and unlike anything we have in the Midwest.