Mesa Verde was one of the coolest surprises of our trip so far.

We didn’t go into this huge trip with much more knowledge about the National Parks than the next guy, or than any of you for that matter. So Mesa Verde wasn’t high on our radar as far as National Parks excitement.

But little did we know how much we would enjoy touring through and learning about the 800-year-old Ancestral Puebloan sites throughout Mesa Verde National Park in about two and a half days.

As the second of 59 National Parks we’re visiting this year, we went all out with the activities that Mesa Verde has to offer. We hiked, purchased ticketed tours, read page after page of self-guided tours, and biked our way through this cultural gem of a National Park.

See what we mean?

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Guide to Mesa Verde

Peace & Happy Adventuring!


Written by Elizabeth

  • dee

    Love the video. We somehow missed this park…..maybe sone other time.

    • Thanks! If you go, we’ve got some great information coming out later this week 🙂

  • Tammy Donelson

    Cool park. I live learning about ancient history.

  • Tim Humm

    Fun! Love the Mesa Verde video.

  • Tom Flynn

    So nice for Jenn and i to meet you two at Mesa. Thanks for the updates on your adventures! Happy Trails, My Friends!!

    • Thanks, Tom! It was great to meet you too! We still have a few of your suggestions around Moab on our list!