Like a few other parks in the National Park Service system, I had never heard of Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park until diving into a little initial research.

We bet a few of you have never heard of it either, so we hope you enjoy seeing a few of the sights from around the park.

During our three-day stay at Black Canyon, we tackled a very steep, difficult route down the canyon to the river where we camped backcountry, we hiked the short trails and visited the overlooks at the South Rim, we drove the East Portal Road down to the river and tried our hand at fly fishing with our new Wetfly gear, and we camped two nights at the South Rim Campground.

For a chilly few days in October, this was plenty to fill our time. Check out a few of the things we saw:

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Written by Elizabeth

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Rob Durrett

Did you catch any fish ?


Haha, nope! There were fish jumping all over though. I had a few strikes, but on the hardest bite the fish took the fly with it because I must not have tied the knot right. So we didn’t get any fish for dinner!

Jeff orth

Never heard of this park. It’s beautiful.


it was definitely a very powerful kind of beauty. It became a National Monument in 1933 and only became a National Park in 1999 so it kind of flies under the radar. We only knew about it from driving past on visit last year to Montrose and Ouray.