It’s the first real holiday since Cole and I have been home, and we are big-time taking advantage of living close to people we love again.

Last night, we hosted a Friendsgiving with my best friends from high school, tomorrow morning we leave to spend a few days with Cole’s family, Saturday will be with my extended family, and Saturday night with more friends. So much love & togetherness, I love it!

(It’s a major step up from when we spent last year’s Thanksgiving in one of the worst gateway cities in the whole country: Homestead, Florida. We did decide to splurge for a hotel & a Thanksgiving buffet, at least!)

Before we kick all these fun things off, we have this week’s episode of the podcast for you!



Our topic this week covers the idea of exclusivity within the national parks. Almost all parks are cheap, accessible, and extremely visitor-friendly. But there are some parks that seem to not want to be visited.

Is this exclusivity a problem, or is it necessary in order to preserve some of the most fragile parks?

Notes from the show:

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