How are we already 6 weeks into this podcast thang? We still don’t really know what we’re doing, but we’re glad to hear that at least a few people are listening!

A big reason why we wanted to record weekly podcasts is similar to why we started our blog in the first place: to not only remember for ourselves, but to share with everyone else. Our trip is a well documented one, and we want to continue that documenting each week.

That being said, if there are any topics you all are interested in hearing about specifically, we’d be glad to take your suggestions!

Last week, we finished our first round of podcasts, with the loose theme “Loving our National Parks.” We recorded 5 podcasts:

  1. Episode #1: Our Top Ten National Parks
  2. Episode #2: There’s No Wrong Way to Visit a National Park
  3. Episode #3: Are We Loving Our National Parks to Death?
  4. Episode #4: People of the National Parks
  5. Episode #5: Interview with Don & Shelly of

…And we had a lot of fun doing it. This month(ish), we’ll be sharing episodes that revolve around the theme of National Park Challenges. Get ready to hear more about National Park access exclusivity, parks that live in the shadows, and parks whose prominent features are disappearing.

But we’ll get serious later. Today, we’re sharing a fun list of our top ten day hikes of the entire trip.


To clarify, we’re sharing hikes that were moderate or strenuous, about 5-10 miles long, and were great ways to get up and away from the parks’ main hubs of activity.



Day hikes are the best. Listen to hear our very favorites!

Links from the show:

Thanks for tuning in!


Written by Elizabeth

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