Even though they primarily feature very natural elements, the national parks would not be what they are without people.

People advocate for the preservation of parks, people work to maintain these beautiful places, and people take time out of their lives to visit the parks. People.


We met so many amazing people who love the national parks. Through our entire year, we wrote about at least one person we met from each park on our page called, fittingly, “People of the Parks.” 

This project encouraged us to talk to strangers at each new place we visited. We chatted with rangers, locals, concession employees, and other travelers like us. Without a motivation like this, we would not have met some amazing people.

Two of the parks where people have the biggest impact on how the parks are run are Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the National Park of American Samoa. Although they differ in location — Ohio vs. an island in the South Pacific — and number of visitors — 2.2 million vs. 13,000 last year — the heart of each park lies in its people. Its community.





Listen to our latest episode of the podcast to learn more about these two amazing American gems.

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