Hi everyone!

Hope you are all in a semi-comatose cookie-laden state of relaxation like we are this week. With Cole being in school and me being back on a teacher’s schedule, this week in between Christmas and New Year’s is especially lazy. We’re spending a lot of time with family and friends, catching up on school work and blog work, and gearing up for our trip to Argentina in 5 days!

We hope you enjoy today’s episode of the podcast. Every five episodes, we break down one of our Top Ten lists from our trip: Episode 1 covered our Top Ten Parks, Episode 6 featured our Top Ten Day Hikes, and now today’s episode showcases the best of the best campsites we slept in while we visited all 59 national parks. (In the future, look for our favorite overnight hikes, scenic drives, wildlife encounters, and more!)

We slept outside on the ground about 300 of the 365 days from August 2015-August 2016, so we feel like we have some good experience talking about criteria for a great campsite and our favorites throughout the year.

You might be surprised by a few.

Happy listening!



Written by Elizabeth