One of the absolute best parts of our year-long trip was connecting with other national park travelers along the way.

Before we started our trip, we connected in Kansas City with Don and Shelly Hafner of 59NationalParks fame. They became mentors of sorts, since they completed their all-59 trek just before we started ours. (If you want to hear more from them, we interviewed them in Episode #5 of Switchbacks!)

We also randomly met Eva & Jordan, who visited the 47 park in the contiguous last year, at a campsite in Guadalupe National Park.

And then there’s Darius and Trevor of #59in59. We had followed the beginning of our journey (59 parks in 59 weeks) since they began just a few months before we did. When we discovered that we were planning our trips to American Samoa over the exact same week, we knew we wanted to coordinate our time there.

When Darius agreed to an interview for our podcast, we couldn’t wait to hear more about how he and Trevor made their trip happen.

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as we did!


Written by Elizabeth