In the 59 national parks we visited last year, we met a lot of fellow visitors. (Except in North Cascades, where we literally ran into Z.E.R.O people on any hiking trail.) Among all the unique people with interesting stories we met during our trip, 59 of those people made it onto our “People of the Parks” section of the blog. Here, we briefly introduce a person (or group of people) that we met in each park and why his or her story was intriguing.

Our people that we met in Everglades actually tracked us down when they saw our infamous car magnet explaining our trip.

“Are you really visiting all 59 national parks?”

We got this question a lot from curious travelers, so we started a conversation with two young guys, Julian and Conor. We bonded over the thrifty PB&J sandwiches we were all preparing for our lunches and quickly learned they were on a similar mission to ours.

Listen to our interview with Julian & Conor to hear more, much more, about what made their national parks trip so incredible.

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Written by Cole

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