Deserts are remarkable places. They are remarkable not just because they get only around 10 inches of water a year or less, but because of the vibrant life that thrives in those crazy conditions. In Big Bend, Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns we experienced the life of the Chihuahuan Desert. Now, in Saguaro National Park on either side of Tucson, it’s time for the Sonoran Desert to strut its stuff.

Saguaro National Park Video

Throughout our visit to Saguaro our attention was rightly captivated by the namesake cactus. The huge, many-armed figures of Saguaros stood everywhere like a desert army. But our backpacking trip up the mountain trails of the eastern district proved that there was many more subtleties of the park to appreciate.

Saguaro National Park Video
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(FYI, I think I got east and west flip-flopped in the Saguaro National Park video below.)

Written by Cole

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Tim Humm

We loved Saguaro NP. We kept commenting that each Saguaro cactus had it’s own personality and almost had human elements about them. What a fun place. Cheesecake Factory anyone?


Haha you should read our post coming out on Monday! We named quite a few of them 🙂


East and west are flip flopped but it’s still a great video. You did a wonderful job of capturing the desert charm!

James Bordonaro

Are Saguaros available commercially? I’d like to see if I could grow one inside.