Last year we visited all 59 national parks. As redundant as that might sound to you guys, it is still a bit surreal to us.

And while we were hiking, kayaking, and driving across the country, we weren’t alone. As we have mentioned throughout the year, we had several brand partners in our corner, cheering us on and collaborating with us on a variety of projects.

One of our most involved partners was Garmin, a worldwide leader in all things navigation. When we initially contacted them to propose a collaboration opportunity, we didn’t get our hopes up too high. Most people we know use Garmin products in their cars or workouts or even airplanes on a regular basis, and we weren’t confident that they’d want anything to do with us.


But they did, and we were overjoyed to be working with such a prestigious brand. They sent us several products to use, and we began contributing to their blog. (You can read our posts about Glacier Bay, Badlands, Yellowstone, Glacier, Crater Lake, Virgin Islands, Congaree, Acadia, Zion, and Bryce Canyon)

They didn’t ask us to write this post. But we feel compelled for a few reasons. First, their stuff is legitttt. A few of Garmin’s hashtags describe them well: #HaveNoLimits. #BuiltToLast. #BeatYesterday. Their equipment is some of our toughest, most reliable gear in our collection. The car navigation system we received, the Garmin DriveAssist, has saved us many arguments, much time, and gigs and gigs of cell data. Their Fenix3 ensured we wouldn’t get lost when kayaking in nearly-open ocean in foggy Glacier Bay or the flooded swamp of Congaree. Our Virb Action Camera captured great pictures and action videos, especially around water when we didn’t want to use our phones.






Secondly, the Garmin company is just amazing! They were great people to partner with, and everything worked out so smoothly. When I dropped a pin out of our Fenix3 watch on our very first hike of the year (way to be, Elizabeth) they replaced it within a couple of days. When Paul & Owen, Garmin videographers, met us to film in Grand Teton, they were as accommodating as people could possible be, always strapped with water and snacks, and wonderfully supportive of our trip.

Which brings us to our last reason for sharing all about Garmin today. Every year, they produce videos for their engineers as a thank-you for working so hard on specific products. Engineers from a variety of departments (automotive, marine, aviation, health & wellness) meet and get to see their products in action through these videos. When Paul & Owen contacted us to see if we were interested in being the subjects, we of course accepted.

They met us in Grand Teton National Park to document what a few days in the life of a Switchback Kid looked like, as well as to showcase how we used the Garmin DriveAssist in our daily lives. We were freezing and wet for most of the time (and severely under-showered for all of the time), but we had such a great time showing them the ropes and showing off our gear. And poor Owen had to suffer in our smelly car for a few miles of filming.




We thought it’d be fun to show you that video today. Beware, this is not a Switchback Kids amateur video. There are no shaky videos and no blurriness (except for what they included from our Garmin Virb footage. I think you all will handle the switch just fine 🙂

THANK YOU, Garmin! We are so grateful for the amazing opportunity to partner with a company like you.

We will be forever fans.

Written by Elizabeth