More giant trees?! Our first feeling of Redwood National Park was a bit of déjà vu. It looked suspiciously like what we saw at Sequoia and Kings Canyon.  In fact, the Coastal Redwoods within this park are cousins of the Giant Sequoias (the third and final variety of redwoods is the Dawn Redwoods in China).

Redwood National Park Video


Except the Coastal Redwoods live only within the Coastal Range of California. Although smaller in volume, diameter and age than the Giant Sequoias, the Redwoods best them in height. An unmarked Redwood in the park named Hyperion is the tallest in the world at 379 feet. However, because the Redwoods lacked the same obvious jaw-dropping girth of the Sequoias, we found it harder to fathom and appreciate the majesty that came of their towering heights.

redwood National Park Video

We soon found out this National Park, like so many others we’ve experienced, is far from one-dimensional. Besides trekking through the old-growth Redwood groves, we strolled the beaches and tide pools and spotted some elk and a bear. But my favorite was an enchanting canyon covered wall to wall with huge ferns. Check out our Redwood National Park video and see for yourself.


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Written by Cole

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Janice LaBoube

This park is really on my bucket list. How small we are compared to these magnificent giants! Truly one of God’s treasures.


It really was a magical experience 🙂