You guys!

We started a podcast!

It’s very exciting and new. And it only took about five hours to figure out how to submit our RSS feed to iTunes. But we are officially on the air.

Our podcast is called Switchbacks and, as you might have guessed, it will cover our experiences, insights, and advice about our year in the national parks. We plan to keep the podcasts around 35-40 minutes long. We will review our time in the parks, answer listener & reader questions, and share other fun national parks news.

Our time in the parks is something that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. We are so glad we took the time to document our experiences on this blog, and now we’re extra excited that we can extend those experiences to the podcast world.

But why type this all out when you can just listen to our introduction? We recorded a short, 6-minute “Episode #0” to share with you what our podcast will be all about. You can listen to it on iTunes or right here:

Now let’s get on to the main event…

Episode #1: Our Top Ten National Parks

You can listen to our podcast the way you normally listen to podcasts (by searching “Switchbacks”), or you can simply scroll to the bottom of this page and press play. Enjoy!

In our first episode, we answer our most frequently asked question: What is your favorite national park? Although we love all of the parks, we are promising to be open and honest on this podcast. So heck yes we have favorites (and least favorites.)

We also chat about some great national parks to visit during fall. Finally, we answer a reader question about a park do-over.

Listen below to hear about our experiences in our favorite national parks.

Here are a few links and pictures of things we mentioned in the episode:


The Harding Icefield


Sulphur Creek Route


Backcountry Campsite at Jumbo Creek

Without further ado, here’s our VERY FIRST EPISODE:

Thanks for listening!


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