Hello and welcome to our week of crazy!

The Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park

We have been running around like crazy people this week, tying up loose ends and booking flights and buses for our trip to Southeast Asia this weekend.

Amidst the hustle and the eVisas, it was so nice to sit down in my childhood closet and record this week’s episode of Switchbacks.

This was a fun one, guys. Throughout our year in the parks, we hiked a lot. Short trails, long trails, non-trails. We did it all, and we love to talk about it all.

Today’s episode is all about those short trails. Some of these are short and easy walks that anyone can do, and some of these are short but with a twist and perfect for those with a sense of adventure.

Get your pens and pencils ready for this listen. You’re going to want to write these down:

Strolling through the Hoh

The Congress Trail among the Sequoias

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Happy listening!

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