Alaska brings back so many fond memories for us.

Camping along the bluest-of-blues Lake Kontrashibuna in Lake Clark.

Walking around on the glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias

Not getting eaten by a bear at Katmai.

But it also brings back memorie$. You know, remembering how much money we forked over during our month visiting all 8 national parks in that big, beautiful state.

On our trip, we often encountered times where we had to make money decisions. Some of the places we traveled to were once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and we wanted to do them up big. But we, like most human travelers, were on a budget.

So how did we make the tough decisions? Did we throw caution to the wind and book the bay cruise in Glacier Bay? Or did we choose to kayak? Did we book the flightseeing tour of Denali because we know we’ll not be back for a very long time?

Find out those answers — and a much deeper look at the goings-on in our planning-oriented minds — on this week’s episode of Switchbacks.

Written by Elizabeth

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