Ahh, national parks camping.

We are experts, you guys. Experts. I think we have earned that status after tent-camping our way through all 59 national parks in the country. But I don’t know. I could be wrong. We’re certainly not experts in showering or staying in hotels. ThatsallIcansay.

We have written several posts — like this one — about our camping experiences in the parks, but I thought it was time for a deep-dive into the four main park camping options: park campgrounds, backcountry camping, exterior BLM and national forest land camping, and private campgrounds.

We dabbled in all of these options pretty extensively throughout our year, and have some pretty solid advice about which option might be right for you.

There’s nothing quite like camping in the national parks: you fall asleep to the park, you wake up to the park, and you get to see the environment from dawn to dusk. It’s a much different experience than driving in and out each night (which we have also done!)

Our view from the developed Pine Ridge Campground in Guadalupe Mountains was gorgeous!

Listen up for much more information about camping throughout all the parks, and specific camping information about Guadalupe Mountains and Badlands National Parks.

Notable links from the show:

Hope you enjoyed the listen! Next week, we’ll be discussing ways to weigh your pricier decisions within the national parks.

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