We have shared many times about our budget for a year of travel (here about our budget, here about flight hacking, and here regarding our thoughts on millennials crowdfunding their vacations) and some of you might know that we set out in August 2015 with the goal of spending just $20,000 for our year — including all flights, bush planes, activities, camping, hotels, health insurance, food, gas, and possible repairs. We also wanted to have a nice cushion for coming back home, and thankfully we only had to dip into that a bit: we ended our year having spent about $23,000. Alaska took out a bigger bite than we had anticipated, but we forgave ourselves.

But how did we do that, exactly? Most of the national parks are cheap as far as vacations go, but we did “have” to travel all the way to remote areas of Alaska and American Samoa to meet our goal.

Part of our answer lies in today’s episode of Switchbacks:

Can you already guess which parks we’ll be talking about? Red rocks and tall trees, here we gooooo:

Written by Elizabeth