You guys, we have such an amazing podcast for you all to check out today!

Today’s interview is one we’ve been excited for since we first discovered Cees & Madison of Our Vie about a year ago. When we learned that another young, adventurous married couple was taking off on a year-long mission to visit all 59 national parks in the U.S., just a few months before we’d finish our own, we knew we’d be living vicariously through them when we returned to St. Louis.

We have been. And chances are, since they are Instagram famous, you might just be living vicariously through them, too.

Cees & Madison share much more about their ongoing national park adventures, road trip mishaps, and plans to travel with their soon-to-be-expanding family on today’s episode of Switchbacks.

Enjoy the listen, and don’t forget to check out their trip on their website and swoon-worthy Instagram.

(Our love for Cadillac Mountain was mutual)

Mentioned in the episode:

Next week we’ll be back to begin our series on budgeting for the national parks. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing how we afforded a year of travel on a slim budget while still experiencing everything we wanted. If you have any questions about money & the national parks, or budgeting for travel, you can drop those here.

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