Podcast Episode #21: Flexibility in the Parks, ft. Canyonlands & Congaree

In travel and in life, flexibility is usually the key. We had planned and mapped and reserved as much as possible before taking off on our year-long trip around the country, but of course we experienced many times where we had to switch gears on the fly. Today, we’re sharing experiences from two amazing national… Read more »

Podcast Episode #20: Battling Travel Fatigue, ft. Kings Canyon & Theodore Roosevelt

It’s no exaggeration that our trip to all 59 national parks was a dream. But it’s also no exaggeration that the trip was hard at times. Amazing, yes, but also hard. With any kind of travel, extended or short-term, travel fatigue can set in when you least expect it. Since we were traveling almost non-stop… Read more »

Mixing business with adventure in Eastern Uganda

** This post is a bit different from our usual content, but I wanted to share this amazing visit I just had to Uganda. Now that we’re not traveling 24/7 and returned to “normal life” in St. Louis, it’s more important than ever for us to realize adventure (and the lessons it offers) comes in… Read more »

St. Louis Getaway Weekend in Shawnee National Forest

We are now fully settled back into real life here in St. Louis. Even though our lives were very different — dirtier, more exposed to the elements, more awe-inspiring — six months ago, we snapped back into reality in almost no time. Cole and I love living in St. Louis, primarily because almost all of… Read more »

Podcast #19: Recap & Preview

Good morning, lovely readers! Hope your view today is as gorgeous as mine was yesterday morning when I recorded this podcast: snowy & still.  This morning, as you read this, we are probably already on our way to BELIZE! So excited to break away from the wintery midwest weather to the beach for some snorkeling,… Read more »

Podcast Episode #18: Weather Woes, ft. Great Smoky Mountains and Grand Teton

Despite what our Instagram may look like, our trip was not all sunshine & rainbows. We traveled for a full year, so we saw all of the extremes: pouring rain, snow, desert heat, tent-destroying winds, and, yes, lots of sunshine & rainbows. Today on the podcast, we’re sharing two of our park experiences that were very… Read more »

17 Experiences to Have in 2017

For awhile now, Cole and I have been dabbling in the experientialist lifestyle. I read a book during our trip that completely shifted my thinking about the stuff in our lives, and ever since have been singing to the tune of simplify, minimize, and focus on experiences.  We’re not doing a perfect job, by any means…. Read more »

Podcast Episode #17: Our Top Ten National Park Animal Encounters

You GUYS! This is probably the most fun podcast episode Cole and I have created. It was so hard to narrow down our top animal experiences during our year in the parks, but we managed to break it down to just 10… plus some honorable mentions… plus some “still on our list” candidates. Does this… Read more »

You Are Now Free to Move About the Midwest: Flying with Air Choice One

*This post is in no way sponsored by Air Choice One. We wish it was :)* Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized when you discover a new travel hack or an amazing deal that no one ever told you about before. Hello! Today (well, two weeks ago by now) I am sitting in… Read more »

Switchbacks Ep. 16: Interview w/ gap year cowboys on a shoestring budget

In the 59 national parks we visited last year, we met a lot of fellow visitors. (Except in North Cascades, where we literally ran into Z.E.R.O people on any hiking trail.) Among all the unique people with interesting stories we met during our trip, 59 of those people made it onto our “People of the… Read more »

  • Gateway to the Parks: Part II

    It’s almost torture to be inside this week. The weather here in Missouri is gorgeous and the skies are blue and all I want to do is walk around our new neighborhood in Kirkwood. We’re missing the parks a lot lately. It’s been just about two months since we’ve been home, and we’re feeling the pull… Read more »

  • Gateway to the Parks: Part I

    The important part of visiting any national park is the park itself. But what we soon found out, as we visited one after the other last year, is that the whole experience matters. Local communities surrounding the parks are often supported solely by tourism, and they have caught on to the fact that park visitors… Read more »

  • Trip Report: Canada’s Banff & Jasper National Parks

    Now that we are officially through sharing a video and post about each of the U.S. national parks (although we are nowhere close to done talking about them), we thought it would be fun to share specifics about other past and ongoing adventures. We will never stop talking about the national parks, but there are… Read more »

  • Denali National Park Video: Much more than a mountain

    Kids Note: Denali was National Park #59! It was the end of our yearlong journey. But even though this is our last National Park video from the trip, we have tons more National Parks and travel stuff to share! WE WILL CONTINUE POSTING WEEKLY with new content, pictures, advice, commentary, guides, planning info and even some new adventures to… Read more »

  • Visiting Alaska’s National Parks, Part 3: The Cost

    It is insane to realize that we are one Denali video (look for it next week!) away from sharing a post and video from EVERY NATIONAL PARK. But our mission is far from finished. We set out to share our entire year-long journey, and that includes more than just the parks. There is still planning, preparing, collecting… Read more »

  • GIVEAWAY: Hammock Camping Made Easy with Serac

    My family’s hobby is Lewis and Clark reenactments. Ok, maybe it’s a little strange, but eating around an open fire and camping in a canvas tent was one of the ways I grew up loving the outdoors. As I thought about this post, I realized the ancient tradition of tent camping has been around for… Read more »

  • The Greatest Gamble in the NPS: The Drama of Denali

    Denali National Park is far and above Alaska’s most popular national park. Visitors flock from all over the world, and no one, save for the few Alaskans who trickle in, has an easy route to get there. And as hard as people work to get there, visiting Denali is undoubtedly one of the biggest risks… Read more »

  • One Hundred Years + Our Favorite Panoramas

    The service thus established shall promote and regulate the use of the Federal areas known as national parks, monuments, and reservations hereinafter specified by such means and measures as conform to the fundamental purposes of the said parks, monuments, and reservations, which purpose is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and… Read more »

  • Katmai National Park: Living With Bears

    Walking through Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park is like walking through a reverse zoo. People are quarantined and shuffled around and blocked off to allow the iconic brown bears to go about their business in their own home. The compact community of Brooks Camp consists of a National Park Visitor Center, a lodge with… Read more »

  • Katmai National Park Video: the most iconic NPS photo op

    When you talk about iconic photo ops in the NPS, I think Katmai National Park wins hands down. Chances are if you read our blog there’s a good chance you’ve seen pictures or video from Katmai National Park – maybe without even realizing it. This classic shot is a bear at the edge of a waterfall chomping down… Read more »