Podcast Episode #35: National Parks for History Buffs, ft. Mesa Verde & Hot Springs

When most people picture a national park, what comes to mind usually fits into the “natural beauty” category of what is protected within the National Park System: mountains, shores, canyons, and giant trees. But there is another half of the NPS’s mission that is often overlooked: The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources… Read more »

Podcast Episode #34: Our Top Ten National Parks that Aren’t “Parks”

In the United States, national monuments, preserves, scenic rivers, battlefields, and historic sites come together to create a wide overview of what we deem important in our country. We call these important places “national parks,” and we protect them with the National Park Service. When Cole and I started planning our big national parks trip,… Read more »

BONUS POST: Amazon Prime Day!

Affiliate links included in this post. It’s Amazon Prime Day! I know we don’t usually promote buying into the idea that you have to have stuff, like right now, but a good deal is a good deal, and I thought we’d pass some on to you today. One of the biggest ways we are able to acquire… Read more »

Podcast Episode #33: Interview with Mikah Meyer, epic National Parks traveler

Whooaaaaaa. I can’t believe it’s already Tuesday and time for another episode of Switchbacks! 4th of July last week super messed with my understanding of time. Hope you all had a great short holiday week and were able to spend some time celebrating our country! Even though it’s hard sometimes to be proud of where… Read more »

Podcast Episode #32: Gateway Cities of the National Parks, ft. Acadia and Olympic

Of all 32 podcasts we have recorded so far, this might be one of the biggest. Why? Well, today we’re talking about Acadia National Park and Olympic National Park. We are on the record as naming these two in our Top 5 of the national parks. We loved Acadia and Olympic for their natural beauty,… Read more »

Podcast Episode #31: Big City Getaways in the National Parks, ft. North Cascades and Channel Islands

Last weekend, we got away from the city. It was wonderful. Even though St. Louis isn’t the biggest metropolis in the country, we often find the desire to get totally away. We drove down just two hours into the Ozark mountains, to the Ozark National Scenic Riverway, one of the NPS sites in Missouri that… Read more »

Unique Travel Opportunities with Voluntourism

Travel is a win. Volunteering is a win. Travel+Volunteering is a win+win.   “Voluntourism” a simple equation, but one I feel like too few people take advantage of. So I’m aiming to share my experiences and maybe help you brainstorm the broader possibilities for your next trip.   Over the past 11 years, I’ve taken… Read more »

Podcast Episode #30: BONUS Episode: Our Three-Week Southeast Asia Adventure

If you aren’t following us on Instagram, you may or may not know that we just came home from a dream three-week trip in Southeast Asia. I say dream trip because we have been working on this one for awhile. Since as far back as I have been traveling, I have wanted to visit this area… Read more »

VIDEO: The Perfect Great Lakes National Parks Road Trip

We’ve mentioned before that our trip to all 59 National Parks only lengthened our list of must-see spots around the U.S. The only National Parks in the Great Lakes region are Voyageurs in MN, Isle Royale in MI and Cuyahoga Valley near Cleveland. So we missed a lot of great spots. We decided before our… Read more »

Podcast Episode #29: Luxury in the National Parks, ft. Virgin Islands and Kenai Fjords

Cole and I speaking to luxury in the national parks is almost laughable, but stick with us. In our year on the road visiting all 59 national parks, we averaged about 4.5 days per park, most of that time out of cell service range. We lived out of our car and small backpacking tent, cooking… Read more »

  • You Are Now Free to Move About the Midwest: Flying with Air Choice One

    *This post is in no way sponsored by Air Choice One. We wish it was :)* Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized when you discover a new travel hack or an amazing deal that no one ever told you about before. Hello! Today (well, two weeks ago by now) I am sitting in… Read more »

  • Switchbacks Ep. 16: Interview w/ gap year cowboys on a shoestring budget

    In the 59 national parks we visited last year, we met a lot of fellow visitors. (Except in North Cascades, where we literally ran into Z.E.R.O people on any hiking trail.) Among all the unique people with interesting stories we met during our trip, 59 of those people made it onto our “People of the… Read more »

  • How to Travel Lightly + What I Brought to Argentina

    Argentiiiiiina! Our dream of visiting this country — specifically Patagonia — came true, thanks entirely to our whirlwind experience on The Price is Right last spring. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this & this). We returned home a month ago and have missed it ever since. Read our posts about… Read more »

  • Amazing Affordable AirBNB (+ Free $35 Travel Credit!)

    If you know anything about AirBNB, it should come at no surprise that Cole and I love using it. If you don’t know anything about AirBNB, go ahead and start falling in love with it now. AirBNB provides hundreds of thousands of lodging options around the world, ranging in price and uniqueness and amenities. People… Read more »

  • Our Next Adventure… Belize!

    We teased it on our Instagram last Friday, and now we officially get to announce our next adventure. It’s another international trip, and again we’re traveling to Latin America for some active adventure. Although there are many other destinations on our wish list, Belize is the perfect choice for us. Why Belize? What is there to… Read more »

  • 3 Under-the-Radar Midwest Weekend Getaways {A Roundup!}

    Wasn’t it just Christmas? Or at least New Year’s Eve? With a busy school schedule and the routine of working normal hours again, the holidays just keep on catching us off guard around here. Valentine’s Day is probably one of our least favorite. I honestly can’t remember if we’ve ever gotten each other actual presents… Read more »

  • Switchbacks Episode #15: Size Matters, ft. Death Valley & Wrangell-St. Elias

    Welp, happy Tuesday guys! I’m hoping my day at school today is better than yesterday, because certain third graders did not get the memo to be tired and cooperative on post-Super Bowl Day. They seemed to think it was okay to act like it was actually a Friday. Why? Anyway, we’re back today with another episode… Read more »

  • Two Day Trips from Buenos Aires

    During our one-week stopover in Buenos Aires, before heading to Patagonia, we wanted to maximize our time in this vibrant — and huge — South American capitol. We like visiting big cities occasionally, but we much prefer the quieter, less bustling, more outdoorsy vibe of the outskirts. While planning our week in Buenos Aires, we knew… Read more »

  • Switchbacks Episode #14: To the Overlook, and Beyond! (Ft. Petrified Forest and Bryce Canyon)

    If you are a tour-bus traveler, and prefer to see the world from a variety of gorgeous national park overlooks – warning, this podcast is not for you! Just kidding. This podcast is for everyone! We think all kind of travel is good travel. Like we said, there’s no wrong way to visit a national… Read more »

  • Surprise Switchbacks Episode #13: How to Find (and Be!) an Amazing Travel Partner

    We have been so neglectful lately! Ever since we got home from Argentina last week, Cole has basically been on an airplane, bus, or in an Uber. It’s interview week, you guys! Until the dust settles and things go back to some semblance of a routine, things will be a little crazy. SO tonight, I… Read more »