BELIZE VIDEO: So many reasons to explore, so many excursions in Belize

The highest compliment we ever get is when people tell us they were inspired by our blog to take their next trip. Well, we (mostly Elizabeth) follows a few other travel bloggers and one of them inspired us to travel to Belize.   Elizabeth read all about a famous bloggers adventures in Belize and that… Read more »

Podcast Episode #28: Our Top Ten Short Hikes in the National Parks

Hello and welcome to our week of crazy! We have been running around like crazy people this week, tying up loose ends and booking flights and buses for our trip to Southeast Asia this weekend. Amidst the hustle and the eVisas, it was so nice to sit down in my childhood closet and record this… Read more »

Podcast Episode #27: Interview with Alison & Dan of Happy People Hike

If there’s one thing I like, it’s mixing business with pleasure. It’s why my students always got Blow Pops after taking their state tests. And now, it’s why we were more than happy to combine our Michigan road trip with an in-person podcast interview. We’ve worked with Alison & Dan of Happy People Hike from… Read more »

Long-Lost DSLR Pictures from Our Year on the Road

So, it’s funny. We traveled to some of the greatest places in the country last year, and we took only about 100 pictures with our “real” camera. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we were traveling too lightly, or — more often — our MacBook Air was out of disk space to upload any pictures. iPhone… Read more »

Podcast Episode #26: Weighing Your Options at the National Parks, ft. Glacier Bay and Denali National Parks

Alaska brings back so many fond memories for us. Camping along the bluest-of-blues Lake Kontrashibuna in Lake Clark. Walking around on the glacier in Wrangell-St. Elias Not getting eaten by a bear at Katmai. But it also brings back memorie$. You know, remembering how much money we forked over during our month visiting all 8… Read more »

Podcast Episode #25: National Parks Camping 101, ft. Guadalupe Mountains and Badlands

Ahh, national parks camping. We are experts, you guys. Experts. I think we have earned that status after tent-camping our way through all 59 national parks in the country. But I don’t know. I could be wrong. We’re certainly not experts in showering or staying in hotels. ThatsallIcansay. We have written several posts — like this… Read more »

Podcast Episode #24: Budgeting for Our Year in the Parks, ft. Capitol Reef and Redwood

We have shared many times about our budget for a year of travel (here about our budget, here about flight hacking, and here regarding our thoughts on millennials crowdfunding their vacations) and some of you might know that we set out in August 2015 with the goal of spending just $20,000 for our year — including all… Read more »

San Ignacio: High Adventure in Inland Belize

Last week we shared about our experiences in Caye Caulker, Belize, which covered the first two days of our week in Belize. Today we’re moving on to the next three days in and around the San Ignacio area. Next week, we’ll wrap up by sharing our thoughts on the final two days of our trip,… Read more »

How to Miss the National Parks Less

This post features products from a small business called Sage Hollow Supply Co. They provided products in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own! I love being home. It’s the biggest reason why we knew we weren’t going to live on the road full-time. I love traveling, but I equally love coming home to… Read more »

Podcast Episode #23: Our Top Ten National Park Ranger Programs

In our time visiting the national parks, rangers programs were typically the cherry on top of an already-sweet national park experience. We never went to a park because of a particular program, but we were often blown away by the programs and tours available throughout the NPS. From boat tours to fossil hunts to cave crawling, rangers led… Read more »

  • How to Visit Capitol Reef National Park for (Almost) Free

    All National Parks, by typical vacation standards, are cheap. But lately, we’ve been trying to find creative ways to enjoy the parks for even cheaper. When we researched and planned out our visit to Capitol Reef (one of the “Mighty Five” in southern Utah) we knew almost nothing about this place. It isn’t nearly as… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Capitol Reef National Park

    Capitol Reef National Park is like all the other Utah parks smoothed into one: towering slot canyons like Zion, mind-bending rock formations like Bryce, spans of Natural arches and bridges like Arches and expansive overlooks like Canyonlands. Throw in the Historic Fruita district at the center of the park where you can tour an old… Read more »

  • BRYCE CANYON WATER WORLD: Hoodoos, tropical storms, E. coli and flash floods

    As we near the end of the first leg of our journey to all 59 National Parks, we’ve realized that all the parks in Utah and Arizona have one thing in common – water. It’s what turns the layers of rock dumped into this area into incredible unique formations. Nowhere have we found this more… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Bryce Canyon National Park

    Though our time at Bryce Canyon began with a bout of cold rain, things quickly turned around and we wrapped things up in typical Switchback Kids style. During our four-day tour of Bryce Canyon, we: Attended four ranger programs Drove to popular overlooks Hiked short trails through the hoodoos Explored 32 miles of backcountry trails… Read more »

  • CAMPLIFE: One Month on the Road

    *Some of the following items have been given to us by sponsors and companies we partner with. Opinions stated are fully our own.* As I am writing this, we have been on this adventure for a total of 32 nights. Seems crazy, but it’s flying by! I thought it’d be fun to give you guys a… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Great Basin National Park

    The magazine BACKPACKER, which I subscribe to, once called Great Basin the quietest National Park in America. No doubt its recent creation (1992) and extreme remoteness  in eastern Nevada (the closest town with over 5k people is 142 miles away) make it an overlooked destination for many. That’s a real shame for those “many” because we… Read more »

  • BEAUTY IN THE UNDERSOLD: Great Basin National Park

    *We are changing things around here a bit on our site. Instead of writing up lengthy, detail-heavy descriptions of our time at the parks, we are going to give ourselves time to be a bit more reflective and thoughtful. We will now feature posts like this (along with videos still), which give you a look… Read more »


    We’ll tell you straight out… we had very high expectations for Zion. Out of the 11 parks we had scheduled for our first leg Zion was the one we were both looking forward to most. Crazy slot canyons, one-of-a-kind hikes and spectacular rock formations all make Zion a crown jewel of the NPS. We found… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Zion National Park

    Let’s be honest. Zion National Park is popular for a reason. Although we shared the park with hundreds of tourists, we also were able to step out of the crowds and into the parts of Zion that are a little more wild. In doing so, we experienced four busy days of: Observation Point Trail –… Read more »

  • GRAND CANYON RIM TO RIM TO RIM: 4 days, 55 miles and 1 hitchhike

    Backcountry permit applications for the Grand Canyon open up on the first of the month 3 months before. You have to print out the application, fill it out with all possible itineraries, fax it to the backcountry office and wait to get your permit or denial letter in the mail. Getting the permit (to camp… Read more »