Podcast Episode #25: National Parks Camping 101, ft. Guadalupe Mountains and Badlands

Ahh, national parks camping. We are experts, you guys. Experts. I think we have earned that status after tent-camping our way through all 59 national parks in the country. But I don’t know. I could be wrong. We’re certainly not experts in showering or staying in hotels. ThatsallIcansay. We have written several posts — like this… Read more »

Podcast Episode #24: Budgeting for Our Year in the Parks, ft. Capitol Reef and Redwood

We have shared many times about our budget for a year of travel (here about our budget, here about flight hacking, and here regarding our thoughts on millennials crowdfunding their vacations) and some of you might know that we set out in August 2015 with the goal of spending just $20,000 for our year — including all… Read more »

San Ignacio: High Adventure in Inland Belize

Last week we shared about our experiences in Caye Caulker, Belize, which covered the first two days of our week in Belize. Today we’re moving on to the next three days in and around the San Ignacio area. Next week, we’ll wrap up by sharing our thoughts on the final two days of our trip,… Read more »

How to Miss the National Parks Less

This post features products from a small business called Sage Hollow Supply Co. They provided products in exchange for a review. All opinions are our own! I love being home. It’s the biggest reason why we knew we weren’t going to live on the road full-time. I love traveling, but I equally love coming home to… Read more »

Podcast Episode #23: Our Top Ten National Park Ranger Programs

In our time visiting the national parks, rangers programs were typically the cherry on top of an already-sweet national park experience. We never went to a park because of a particular program, but we were often blown away by the programs and tours available throughout the NPS. From boat tours to fossil hunts to cave crawling, rangers led… Read more »

Podcast Episode #21: Interview with Madison & Cees of Our Vie

You guys, we have such an amazing podcast for you all to check out today! Today’s interview is one we’ve been excited for since we first discovered Cees & Madison of Our Vie about a year ago. When we learned that another young, adventurous married couple was taking off on a year-long mission to visit… Read more »

Caye Caulker: How to Visit the Best Island in Belize

I arrived back in St. Louis about a week ago and I am already itching to talk about our most recent trip to beautiful Belize! This post covers our first two days spent on the small island of Caye Caulker. Soon, we’ll share more about our inland excursions through Belizean caves and Mayan ruins, and… Read more »

Podcast Episode #21: Flexibility in the Parks, ft. Canyonlands & Congaree

In travel and in life, flexibility is usually the key. We had planned and mapped and reserved as much as possible before taking off on our year-long trip around the country, but of course we experienced many times where we had to switch gears on the fly. Today, we’re sharing experiences from two amazing national… Read more »

Podcast Episode #20: Battling Travel Fatigue, ft. Kings Canyon & Theodore Roosevelt

It’s no exaggeration that our trip to all 59 national parks was a dream. But it’s also no exaggeration that the trip was hard at times. Amazing, yes, but also hard. With any kind of travel, extended or short-term, travel fatigue can set in when you least expect it. Since we were traveling almost non-stop… Read more »

Mixing business with adventure in Eastern Uganda

** This post is a bit different from our usual content, but I wanted to share this amazing visit I just had to Uganda. Now that we’re not traveling 24/7 and returned to “normal life” in St. Louis, it’s more important than ever for us to realize adventure (and the lessons it offers) comes in… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Great Basin National Park

    The magazine BACKPACKER, which I subscribe to, once called Great Basin the quietest National Park in America. No doubt its recent creation (1992) and extreme remoteness  in eastern Nevada (the closest town with over 5k people is 142 miles away) make it an overlooked destination for many. That’s a real shame for those “many” because we… Read more »

  • BEAUTY IN THE UNDERSOLD: Great Basin National Park

    *We are changing things around here a bit on our site. Instead of writing up lengthy, detail-heavy descriptions of our time at the parks, we are going to give ourselves time to be a bit more reflective and thoughtful. We will now feature posts like this (along with videos still), which give you a look… Read more »


    We’ll tell you straight out… we had very high expectations for Zion. Out of the 11 parks we had scheduled for our first leg Zion was the one we were both looking forward to most. Crazy slot canyons, one-of-a-kind hikes and spectacular rock formations all make Zion a crown jewel of the NPS. We found… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Zion National Park

    Let’s be honest. Zion National Park is popular for a reason. Although we shared the park with hundreds of tourists, we also were able to step out of the crowds and into the parts of Zion that are a little more wild. In doing so, we experienced four busy days of: Observation Point Trail –… Read more »

  • GRAND CANYON RIM TO RIM TO RIM: 4 days, 55 miles and 1 hitchhike

    Backcountry permit applications for the Grand Canyon open up on the first of the month 3 months before. You have to print out the application, fill it out with all possible itineraries, fax it to the backcountry office and wait to get your permit or denial letter in the mail. Getting the permit (to camp… Read more »


    Even though it’s not the deepest, widest, or longest canyon in the world, the canyon in northwest Arizona is the one Grand Canyon. And for good reason. Seeing the Grand Canyon in the way we did during the first leg of our trip is a bit indescribable. But, as you might have guessed, we’re going… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Grand Canyon National Park

    There are several giant cliches I could say about Grand Canyon National Park, and one of those is that pictures and videos hardly do it justice. But we have a video for you all anyway. There is so much to do at the Grand Canyon, and so many people doing it. Wanting to find a… Read more »

  • PETRIFIED FOREST: The Ultimate Road Trip Stop

    The Great American Road Trip is a longstanding summer tradition. Many would say the advent of the road trip began when Route 66 opened up the wonders of the west to the common traveler – beginning in 1926 and hitting its heyday during the ‘50s. One of the many stops that fascinated the travelers of… Read more »

  • VIDEO: Petrified Forest National Park

    Of the three National Parks we have visited thus far on our year-long trip to see all 59, Petrified Forest initially had the most prominent feeling of a “drive-by” attraction. However, after scratching quite a bit beneath the surface, it is clear that Petrified Forest is a park for all visitors — regardless of length of visit…. Read more »


    When Cole and I first thought out this trip we’re on a year and a half ago, we soon realized we wanted to seek out companies and brands who supported the National Parks and the great outdoors. We sent dozens of emails to these such companies, large and small, all over the country. Amidst the flurry… Read more »