We teased it on our Instagram last Friday, and now we officially get to announce our next adventure. It’s another international trip, and again we’re traveling to Latin America for some active adventure.

Although there are many other destinations on our wish list, Belize is the perfect choice for us.

Why Belize? What is there to do? When are we going, you ask?

You’ve come to the right post.

Here are all the deets:
Why Belize?

We decided on Belize for several reasons. First, it’s close to the U.S. Our flight from St.Louis is only about 5 hours total, with one stop. We don’t have a lot of time to work with, and we didn’t want to spend all of it on a plane.

Second, speaking of time, Belize is a small country. We feel we’ll be able to see a lot of it in the six days we’ll have there. Though I’m sure no one has a hard time filling months there, it’s a manageable and not-too-rushed week.

Belize is also affordable. Yes, it’s touristy, and yes, by Central America backpacking standards it’s pricey, but for two of us, we plan to spend an average of $100/day, including lodging, food, car rental, and tours, while exploring all Belize has to offer.

Finally, Belize sounds awesome! Why would we not want to visit? There are plenty of active things to keep us busy, and some really relaxing things to keep us in vacation mode.

What will we do there?

When researching all there is to know about visiting Belize, I came across several areas I know we’ll be visiting. I also like to leave time to stumble upon additional places to explore and things to do. Here is our tentative plan:

2 days in Caye Caulker

  • Stay in a hostel ($35/night) that offers some activities and beach access
  • Go on a full-day snorkeling tour to Hol Chan Marina Reserve & Shark Ray Alley

3 days in San Ignacio

  • Stay in a wooden bungalow ($35/night)
  • Explore Mayan ruins in the area
  • Take a day trip to Tikal, Guatemala
  • Go cave tubing and maybe take a tour to ATM Cave
  • Hike to waterfalls

2 days in Placencia

  • Cole will fly back home and I will visit this beach area solo for two days
  • Stay at a hostel or small hotel?
  • Yoga, paddle boarding, relaxing

I’d say we have plenty of things to do!

When will we go?

Um, can we go now? JK I still need a new swimsuit. We leave March 14th and I return March 21st. It’s Cole’s Spring Break and one of my school district’s Spring Break as well. And for how much longer will we have these school break opportunities? Not much. Also, our $800 worth of United vouchers were about to expire. So it was really just common sense. 🙂

But more on flights later.

For now, I will keep looking at pictures, praying we will have good weather, and reading everything I can about our next big adventure.

Have you ever been to Belize? Do you prefer to fill your vacations with activities or lounging?

Written by Elizabeth

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Mary Langhorst

Hi, Excited to hear you will be traveling to Belize. I lived and taught there in 1965-66 at Palotti High School. What a wonderful experience it was! You will be most impressed with the sites you have chosen to visit. I am excited to read your blogs and see your photos!
Mary Langhorst Bellevue, Nebraska