One of the coolest parts of this trip has been finding amazing sites that nobody talks about.

We’ve gotten crazy excited about several — Capitol Reef, Great Basin, and Cuyahoga Valley — that we hadn’t heard of prior to the trip.

Last weekend, we got to add Mammoth Cave to that list. Not necessarily that we hadn’t heard of it, but that it wildly surpassed our expectations. Even pulling up to the park, the bright Branson, Missouri-like signs make the whole thing seem hoaky. But once we started gearing up for our intense 6-hour “Wild Cave” tour, we knew that hoakiness was all behind us.

While at the park, we completed two tours — Wild Cave and one called Domes & Dripstones — and both gave us unique vantage points for seeing this longest cave system in the world.



We also explored a few nearby hiking trails and hustled back to the visitor center to read the many exhibits when it started pouring.

You can see clips of our experiences at Mammoth Cave National Park video below.

Also, we will be signing off for the rest of this week! We hope you get to enjoy this happy season with people you love! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Learn more about our crazy cave adventure in our Mammoth cave post and People of the Parks

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Written by Elizabeth

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mary langhorst

Fantastic! Thanks for “taking me with you” on the cave tour! I was at Mammoth a few years back but had no time for a tour. Now I have been…😊

A. Janelle

At 69 exploring caves is exciting to me. I have ventured a few living in Missouri and have always been intrigued with exploration. Maybe it’s the Donelson in me or could it be Robbins. Isn’t Mammoth Cave incredible? Regardless it’s there and I am so pleased you were able to add this to your adventure. Best wishes and God’s continued blessings.
Love you guys!