So, it’s funny.

We traveled to some of the greatest places in the country last year, and we took only about 100 pictures with our “real” camera. Ninety-nine percent of the time, we were traveling too lightly, or — more often — our MacBook Air was out of disk space to upload any pictures. iPhone won out for convenience, storage, and sometimes even quality.

One of the biggest reasons we were frustrated with our DSLR was the fact that our lens was not great. We could not for the life of us make our pictures crystal clear.

But today we bought a new lens. And so, before we take off for Michigan this week and refill our memory card, I thought I’d share snippets from the few times we did break out our camera on the trip.

Prepare for the randomness 🙂

We started out the year so strong with Great Sand Dunes! We weren’t lazy with our camera… yet.

Our first wildlife friend popped up while picnicking at Great Sand Dunes.

Balcony House in Mesa Verde National Park

Driving to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Fall 2015

The Ledges Trail in Cuyahoga Valley

Early morning pink light at Cadillac Mountain in Acadia: America’s first glimpse of light.

Early birds get the empty trail in Acadia

South Carolina flooding in Congaree

Everglades boardwalk trail

Bird of prey in Tucson Desert Museum

We <3 Joshua Tree

Historic Keys Ranch in Joshua Tree


Yosemite Falls, be still my heart

Showing my parents the ropes at Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park

The Hoh

Morning ducks in Grand Teton

Badlands sunset

Our first glimpse of the peaks in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Midnight sunset in Alaska

Happy eye candy! Next week we’ll be back on the podcast with a special interview for you guys!

Written by Elizabeth

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Calvin Rittenhouse

I appreciate the pictures! They are all beautiful places, and there’s a good “eye” at work here. Cuyahoga Valley is the closest National Park to me, and the picture of the Ledges Trail is a real incentive to go see it. I do better with text and/or pictures than with audio, so the blog posts are appreciated here.