I feel really bad for Grand Teton National Park. If it was located anywhere else in the country, it would be a crown jewel that brings tourists from across the world to gaze in wonder at its undeniable beauty. However, it stands in the looming shadow of the world’s first (and probably best known) National Park. Yellowstone is only 7 miles away.


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My family took two vacations to Yellowstone when I was younger. On both trips we drove through Grand Teton and maybe spent half a day stopping at the overlooks and doing a short hike. It was relegated to the undeserving role of an opening act.

grand teton

We found the park incredibly deserving of our full attention. It’s striking Tetons Range dominates creates possibly the most scenic backdrop we’ve seen yet. Our video includes iconic antique barns, 10 different animals on video, a chapel visited by Presidents, the ranch where famous wildlife biologist Olaus Murie created the Wilderness Act and lots of breathtaking mountain vistas…. that is until the clouds swallowed them forever. We even had some very special guests from Garmin who joined us for the park!


So check it all out and see why Grand Teton is so much more than a stopover en route to Yellowstone.

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Written by Cole

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Owen Gurwell

Great video, guys! We definitely have our work cut out for us. Again, it was great meeting you guys and we’re very happy that you let us accompany you for a few days. It’s on with the editing process. Owen


Thanks, Owen! We had so much fun with you guys! Can’t wait to see the video 🙂