The highest compliment we ever get is when people tell us they were inspired by our blog to take their next trip. Well, we (mostly Elizabeth) follows a few other travel bloggers and one of them inspired us to travel to Belize.


Elizabeth read all about a famous bloggers adventures in Belize and that little seed was all it took. When we thought about it, a getaway to the tiny, nearby country of Belize makes a lot of sense:


  • Short, cheap flight from U.S. (Flights from Houston are 2h20m and can be under $300 round trip).
  • Less touristy and overdone than Mexico
  • English-speaking
  • Safer than most of Central America
  • US Dollars are excepted everywhere because currency is tied to it (1 USD = 2 BZD)
  • And, most importantly, there are tons of awesome excursions in Belize!


In our usual Switchback Style, We tried to cram as much as possible into the short week we were there. First, we flew into the only sizable international airport in Belize City and ferried to the island Of Caye Caulker for some snorkeling. Next we rented a car (in hindsight, we’d recommend avoiding an expensive rental if possible) and drove inland for some cave tours in the National Parks. Our third stop was near the western border with Guatemala where we explored some incredible Mayan ruins.


These three distinct and diverse stops were only possible because Belize is such a small country and so easy to navigate. But our trip was only possible because we are always on the lookout for fresh inspiration. So we hope this video can pay it forward and inspire some of you to plan your own Belizean adventure.

Written by Cole

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