Death Valley is death, certainly. It’s the hottest place in the world and has registered a record 134-degree temperature, often hitting 120 degrees in the summer. Many small towns have boomed and busted in this area during the mining and gold rush days, and a few ghost towns are proof of that. Not many animals, especially ones larger than lizards, survive in this harsh climate.

But Death Valley is also life. What we witnessed there, including the #Superbloom and a day’s worth of rainy, chilly weather, resembled a lot more of what you might call life. Certainly a chance at life, at least.

Death Valley Video


Death Valley Video

In addition to chasing the blankets of bright yellow desert flowers, we also hiked a few trails (and earned “Hiking Death Valley” stickers, aw yeah), watched some pretty sunsets, climbed dunes, visited the nearby ghost town of Rhyolite, and lie awake as our tent tried to fight off brutal winds and rain (it lost). We met a few awesome visitors and tried to escape the huge weekend crowds seeking that Superbloom.

We captured most of that here, so be sure to check out our Death Valley video below!

See our post on 9 Death Valley Superbloom tips for more pics and info. And don’t forget our Death Valley People of the Parks!

Check latest Death Valley info on the NPS site.

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Written by Elizabeth

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Janice LaBoube

Nice shots of the hottest place in the country. I also have a friend who visited in the Winter and really enjoyed it. Certainly not the place to be in the Summer. to bad you are not visiting some Canadian areas, I was just in the Vancouver BC area and the beauty of the Pacific, Mountains and Northern rain forest area are stunning. Pine trees reaching the sky and hundreds if not thousands of years old. Totally enjoyed!

Tim Humm

What timing you had with #Superbloom! The Rangers at Saguaro told us this would be the year due to the perfect conditions over the past many months. Artist Palette was gorgeous. Death Valley has always been on my list.

Jeff orth

We visited Rhyolite and Death Valley a couple years ago in the summer during a Vegas family vacation. The heat was stifling. At least the humidity was low, making it tolerable to walk around and explore a little. Beautiful scenery in your video!