We were waiting gazing over the lake waiting for our snowshoe program when a family came walking to the rim. The parents told the little boy, “keep your eyes closed, we’re almost there… okay, open!” The little boy goes, “Wowww!” and then immediately turns around, “Grandpa, keep your eyes closed.” This is the Crater Lake tradition of the First Look. It’s a magical moment to remember forever. And the enchanting beauty of Crater Lake is definitely worth remembering.




Of course we recommend going beyond the first look. We were forced to forgo our usual hiking and take on the 10-feet of snow covering our beloved trails. We did the most intense and adventurous ranger-led snowshoe hike yet (my favorite part was the body sledding). But the biggest challenge came with our first experience in cross-country skiing. I won’t say it was a complete disaster… but it was certainly an exercise in falling with style and a test of our marital fortitude.


Crater Lake 3

Take a look with our naturally stunning and personally humbling Crater Lake video.

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Written by Cole

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I am truly enjoying your trip to the NPs. I have been to some of them. So revisiting them is fun. Saw Crater Lake in the summer so it was fun to see it and you in the snow. It truly is astounding. Thanks for your emails.


Thank you, Theresa! We hope to go back in the summer sometime!

Tammy Donelson

Another one that I am adding to my growing lists of parks I must visit!


Yay! We’ll gladly go back with you!