When our friends and National Parks mentors Don and Shelly raved about Congaree National Park on their blog and in person (they even named it their favorite National Park!), we knew it would be one of those diamond-in-the-rough parks.

Well, due to very unfortunate timing and good ole’ Mother Nature, we saw a lot more “rough” than “diamond” at Congaree.

Congaree National Park video

The recent South Carolina storms hit, and Congaree (no stranger to flooding) felt an unusual fall water invasion.

Because most of their trails and wilderness was underwater, we explored about two miles of squishy trails, strolled along a bit of boardwalk that was above water, and kayaked through the swamp. We also did a lot more relaxing than we typically do.

But I’ll let the Congaree National Park video speak for itself.

Stay tuned as we chat more about Congaree on Wednesday. Have a great week!

Written by Elizabeth

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