For most people, it seems, Carlsbad Caverns is a stop-by park. A one-day situation.

Maybe it’s because there is no in-park drive up campground. Maybe it’s because the park is relatively tiny. And maybe, it’s because the park can actually be seen well in one day. (Don’t think we’ve said that before!)

As the visitor center park ranger cracked open the dusty binder, we realized we were in for a unique experience. We planned to stay two nights in the park, and since the backcountry is accessible with only a 1/2 mile stroll and an eye for prickle-less ground, we knew that would be the way to go.

Staying in the park allowed us to fully experience the caverns over two days through four tours: two guided and two self-guided. We joined an easy ranger-led walk to the King’s Palace, and Cole signed up for a strenuous climbing/crawling/squeezing adventure tour beyond the paved path. (I opted out after not loving the Mammoth Cave adventure tour). 

These tours (and the fact that the elevator is currently broken) allowed us to enjoy the cave at our own, peaceful pace. Check out the Carlsbad Caverns video below for shots from the depths.

carlsbad caverns video

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