If all our other videos have been too long and boring, stick around! This one’s pretty short 😉

Biscayne National Park was a bit of a challenge to us when we planned to visit. We put it off because we didn’t exactly know how to handle the logistics.

You see, there are no official concession companies that transport visitors to the keys at Biscayne. Which leaves few options, including an expensive water taxi out of Miami or taking your own private boat. And, besides a visitor center, trail, and fishing docks, there isn’t much to do if you can’t make it to the keys.

After trying to finagle some creative transportation (through volunteering or hitching a ride), we finally surrendered to the impenetrable Biscayne, inflated our kayak, and explored the Bay as much as the wind allowed us (not much).

Biscayne National Park video

Check out a few of the sights & sounds in our Biscayne National Park video.

And don’t give up hope! New contracts with concession companies are well in the works.

Biscayne National Park video

Written by Elizabeth

  • Marty underwood

    We went in April. There was a glass bottom boat tour but it was too windy. They also had a ranger led boat tour to one of the Islands and it was very informative. You could camp there. Either they have cut back because of funding or tours are seasonal. Oh well onto better adventures!

  • Susie

    Happy TG w/e & I enjoy your vids–my vicarious NP visits! :- ) Haven’t seen the Eastern Pks & am thankful for u 2!!
    That bdwalk must’ve been @ high tide?! Enjoy your next hopefully more accessible Park!
    (You’re gonna love the Western Parks later in your amazing NP Year!!)

    • Cole

      Thanks Susie! So glad you enjoy the videos. We hope they can give people a first person perspective so they can imagine themselves there.

      I would definitely hope it was high tide, but I’m not positive. It’s surprising they would make it that low because parts along the whole thing boardwalk and shoreline path were submerged. And we can’t wait to get into the western parks, especially the Pacific Northwest where we’ve never been!