If you know anything about AirBNB, it should come at no surprise that Cole and I love using it.

If you don’t know anything about AirBNB, go ahead and start falling in love with it now. AirBNB provides hundreds of thousands of lodging options around the world, ranging in price and uniqueness and amenities. People across the globe share their spaces, from a shared room to a private house, all for a (usually) affordable price.

Cole and I love using AirBNB because not only is it typically cheaper than booking a hotel, but it also is a great way to get to know an area straight from a local resource and live like a local.

When we knew we’d be spending a week in Buenos Aires, we wanted to use AirBNB to rent a small apartment rather than a hotel. The upsides? We spent about $35 a night (including all fees & cleaning) and were able to communicate frequently with the owners who lived across the street. Our apartment had a fully-stocked kitchen (including spices, oils, and even bottles of water and wine left behind from other travelers), a queen bed, a balcony (!), and a metro card, and provided a safe and secure place to crash during our time in the city.

We have also stayed in an AirBNB in Omaha to celebrate our one-year anniversary. This one was more unique: it was a tiny home in the owners’ backyard. We had our own private space for the weekend (with parking and a separate entrance) for $75/night.

Now that we have begun to plan future trips for the year, I know we’ll be using AirBNB.

In fact, searching for homes across the world has become a sort of hobby of mine lately. I am obsessed with finding gems in faraway cities. Maybe someday we’ll be able to visit… but even if not, I like to have them in my pocket.

I like to keep my searches to include only realistic houses that cost less than $100 per night, so keep that in mind when you scroll through. There are much fancier and bigger options to suit all families and budgets.

In the next few years, we have our eye on visiting lots of places. And who knows if we’ll make it to any. A girl can dream, though. So I did. Here are some of our top wish-list international destinations and an example of the amazing, affordable AirBNB options available there.

Cape Town, South Africa – $52/night

San Ignacio, Belize – $35/night

Oslo, Norway – $81/night

Hoi An, Vietnam – $16/night

Santorini, Greece – $82/night

Iceland – $53/night

New Zealand – $67/night

Lisbon, Portugal – $42/night

Havana, Cuba – $53/night

Bali, Indonesia – $60/night

Interested in using AirBNB? Here are some tips for success:

  • Always ALWAYS read the reviews before booking a place. You can get great information and insight into what your experience will be like from reading reviews from real people. AirBNB’s website also translates them into your language, if necessary.
  • When you plug in certain dates, the cost listed will be more accurate. If your budget is specific, target places a little under your per-night maximum, because there are always cleaning fees and other service fees. Our place in Buenos Aires was listed as $27/night, but with fees came out to more like $35/night (still not complaining!)
  • If you aren’t sure about something for a certain listing, simply message the owner. It’s really easy and convenient to communicate with the owner, so definitely take advantage of this option.
  • Be a good guest, of course. Remember that not only are you prompted to review your host, your host is also prompted to review you after your stay. So tread lightly. (As you should anyway!)

Now for the fun part! If you sign up for AirBNB through this link –> www.airbnb.com/c/edonelson you will receive $35 of travel credit to use towards your first AirBNB stay (of $75 or more).

There are so many amazing and affordable places out there. Happy adventuring!


Written by Elizabeth

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