With an adventure as ambitious as exploring 59 National Parks in one year, there’s no way the two of us could do it alone. The support we’ve received from family, friends, companies  and parks has spanned everything from words of encouragement to newsletter features to donated products. We don’t feel like we can thank these people enough for the part they’ve played in helping our dream become a reality. But the least we can do is mention them here.


Park Partners

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

Western National Parks Association


Corporate Partners


L.L. Bean

ALPS Mountaineering

FITS Socks


Purple Moose Basics



Eagles Nest Outfitters Inc.


Happy People Hike


Family and Friends

Parents – Brian & Margarita and Jan & Tammy: For supporting us in everything, no matter how crazy.

Sister and Brother-in-law – Anna & Cole: For adopting our cat for a year.

Friends – Adam & Ashley: For storing some of our boxes and letting Cole stay with you for his last 2 weeks in Kansas City.

Friend – Michael: For lending us tons of resources and information for exploring the parks.

Friends – Don & Shelly (59NationalParks.com): For lending advice and blazing the trail.

Friends & Family – Sam, Jim and Linda, Chance and Dani, Paul and family, Ryan and roommates, Raha, Jordan and Kristin, Jeannette & Brad, Charlie and Dee, Max: For letting us crash at your home!